Don Franklin Mitsubishi's Limited 15 year / 500,000 Mile Powertrain Coverage protects new and qualifying pre-owned vehicles by covering the cost of all parts and labor needed to repair a covered powertrain component that is defective in workmanship and/or materials.


Timing Gear & Chain

Pins, Connecting Rods & Bearings

Oil Pump

Crankshaft & Main Bearings

Oil Pan

Cam Shaft, Followers & Cam bearings

Valve Cover(s)

Push Rods, Springs & Lifters

Shafts, Rotors & Bearings

Rocker Arm, Shafts & Bushings

Timing Belt & Cover




Automatic Transmission:

Transfer Case

Torque Converter



Manual Tansmission:

Transfer Case

Drive Axle



Axle Shafts

Constant Velocity Joints



Propeller Shafts



Axle Shafts & Internal Bearings



All Internally Lubricated Parts

Seals & Gaskets

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While there are other dealers that offer extended coverage for piece of mind, Don Franklin does things a little different.  The Limited 15 year / 500,000 Mile Powertrain Coverage stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

There are very simple terms of coverage, unlike some of the "Lifetime Powertrain Warranties" offered by our competition.  To put it simply, the majority of those programs are just bound to leave you in a bind!  We offer the Limited 15 year / 500,000 Mile Powertrain Coverage and we stand behind it!

Duration of Coverage

This coverage will last for 15 years from the vehicle manufacture date or 500,000 miles on the odometer - whichever comes first. The coverage provided is secondary to any and all existing warranties, including, but not limited to:


*Factory Warranties

*Parts Warranties

*Extended Warranties



The deductible is the amount that the customer must pay for each covered repair. There is no cost involved with obtaining coverage under this plan. However, should a powertrain repair be necessary, there is a $150.00 deductible.


This coverage is non-transferable. Subsequent owners or lessees, even within the same family, are not covered.  Successor persons to whom the vehicle is transferred to by operation of law are also not covered. 

Keeping your coverage valid

In order for your Don Franklin 15 Year / 500,000 Mile Powertrain Coverage to remain valid, you must maintain the vehicle according to the minimum requirements specified in the section below.

Oil Change
Change the oil & filter every 5,000 miles

Powertrain Inspection
Complete powertrain inspection every 30,000 miles

Replace the transmission fluid at intervals not to exceed 90,000 miles

Repair & Maintenance
Have all repairs and maintenance preformed by any Don Franklin Dealership

Fuel Injector
Pressure cleaning performed every 50,000 miles

Coolant System
Flush every 85,000 miles
Air Filter
Replace every 25,000 miles

Timing Belt
Replace at manufacturer recommended intervals

Rear Differential
Serviced every 75,000 miles

Front Differential
Serviced every 75,000 miles

Transfer case
Serviced every 50,000 miles

Damage prevention
In the event of a vehicle breakdown, stop your vehicle immediately and have if repaired before driving further.

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Vehicle Exclusions
Please see inquire with any qualified Don Franklin employee to see a full list of excluded vehicles.  Keep in mind, we do try our very best to make sure that the majority of our inventories are compatible with the powertrain coverage.