Is It Time For An Oil Change?

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If you want to keep your car running smoothly, you'll need to have its routine maintenance taken care of on a regular basis. While these maintenance issues include items like brake inspections, transmission flushes, and tire rotations, the one that you'll hear about the most is the oil change. Here are a few tips on why changing your oil is so important and how you can get it done.

  • When Should I Get My Oil Changed? - While every vehicle is different, most newer models, 2008 and older, should have its oil changed about every 7,500-miles/six-months. Of course, this also depends on how and where you drive. For example, if you're in a lot of stop and go traffic or tend to travel on dirt roads often, you'll need to have it changed more frequently. To know what your specific brand and model suggests for an oil change, read your owner's manual; it should have the answer.
  • Why Should I Get My Oil Changed? - The oil in your engine works hard. Not only does it lubricate the engine's working parts, but it also cools it down and keeps it clean. Over time, the oil will become thin, sludgy, or too dirty and, if left unchanged, could result in a larger engine repair that will cost you even more money to fix. Save your time and money by having your oil changed as soon as possible when it's time.
  • Where Can I Get My Oil Changed? - Here at Don Franklin Mitsubishi, we can change your oil in no time. We also have a parts department that can provide you with the oil and filter that you need, if you'd rather perform your own oil change at home. If you'd like to schedule an auto service appointment with us, feel free to contact us or use our online scheduling tool today!
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