Keep Your Mitsubishi Running Smoothly with Regular Oil Changes

When it comes to keeping your Lexington-area travels in your Mitsubishi running smoothly, few things are more important than regularly changing your oil. The service center at Don Franklin Nicholasville is here to help you do just that, and all it takes is a visit to our convenient location. Contact us today to schedule your oil change, and read below to get a full understanding of why it is such an important service.

What Happens During an Oil Change?

The process of changing your oil is a fairly simple one, and our technicians are happy to keep your Frankfort, KY neighbors' Mitsubishi models running smoothly by performing this critical service.

First, we'll locate the drain bolt on your engine and remove it to drain the old oil from the oil pan. At this point, we will also remove the old oil filter that is a key component of your engine.

Once all of the oil is drained from your engine, we'll replace the drain bolt and install a new oil filter from our genuine Mitsubishi parts catalog to ensure proper fit and performance. Finally, we'll fill the engine with the proper volume of fresh oil, start the engine to ensure there are no leaks, and you'll be on your way to continue your Somerset, KY journey.

Why is an Oil Change Important?

Your engine contains dozens of metal parts that come into contact with one another as you drive through the Georgetown, KY area. Engine oil coats and lubricates these parts to reduce friction and heat which helps avoid premature wear and failure that would leave you stranded on the side of the road.

However, oil doesn't last forever, especially in the harsh environment of your engine. Over time, heat and friction will actually break down your engine oil, making it more difficult to properly lubricate. As oil breaks down it becomes thinner and less able to coat and protect your engine parts. This makes them susceptible to wearing out more quickly and generating more heat, both of which will lead to failure if gone unchecked.

Furthermore, oil will become dirty as you rack up miles driving around Winchester and Richmond. This dirt, when combined with oil in your engine, creates sludge that clogs critical passageways over time. Much like cholesterol for your heart, sludge in your engine can eventually cause a failure due to restricted flow. By not letting oil reach these important areas of your engine, they become starved of oil, overheat, and break.

Your oil filter does its best to catch these particles when it is fresh and new, but over time that filter becomes full of dirt particles and can no longer trap any more. At this point the dirt particles are free to get caught up inside your engine creating the sludge that is so detrimental to long-term health and performance.

When Should I Have an Oil Change Performed?

Your Mitsubishi has a designated set of service intervals that are recommended when you first purchase your new vehicle. Even once you've passed the recommended services laid out for you in your manual, simply following that same pattern throughout your ownership of the vehicle will be a great way to ensure you're performing your oil changes on time.

Beyond that, if you notice sluggish performance or a hesitation, an oil change might be in order even if you haven't yet reached your recommended mileage. If you frequently drive in the city, at high speeds, or in extreme heat, your oil may degrade more quickly and therefore require more frequent oil changes.

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